Finally: The Wu-Tang Clan in Bar Graph Form

Do a Google search for "Wu-Tang Clan members" and you'll get all sorts of infographics to help sort out the NYC hip-hop group's 10 personalities, as well as their lesser-known members (Noodleneck, Dr. Bloodclot). As the years wear on, those members have gone on to do solo projects or star in movies or, in the case of Big Baby Jesus, aka Ol' Dirty Bastard, decided to call this bitch-ass life a day (though he is forever in our hearts).

And, as Wu-Tang "reunion" shows get more sporadic, there's always that thought, as we had when we saw they'd be playing Friday, January 13, at House of Blues: Who exactly would show up? Here are our stats, compiled very, very scientifically.

Click here to enlarge. Take it to the show and then tell us how right/wrong, under/over we were!

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