Five Bands Expected To Draw Big Crowds at Warped Tour

Each year, the Warped Tour drags dozens upon dozens of bands around the country as a part of its annual tour. This year is no different, as 66 bands in total are scheduled to perform in and around Gexa Energy Pavilion to what will surely be hordes of fans.

So how, then, should one determine which acts to see at this year's event? Tough to say for sure, although we do think we've got a pretty good idea about which five acts will bring out the biggest crowds for their sets. —Eric Grubbs


Warped Tour


This Colorado-based electronic- and hip-hop-indebted act was one of the biggest draws at the Warped Tour two years ago, surpassing even the heavyweights in Chiodos. Expect the crowd size at 3OH!3's set to be even larger this year.

A Day to Remember

New Found Glory's influence looms large on this five-piece from Florida, the same state that's produced a number of Warped Tour's bigger draws over the years, including New Found Glory.

Attack Attack!

This act boasts the kind of die-hards that are willing to withstand long lines just for the chance to see its members at a meet-and-greet. Lampooned for being a silly "crabcore" band (a reference to the band's on-stage limb movements), this band has an undeniable magnetic quality amongst fans that like their music to feature polyp-forming vocals, detuned guitars and Radio Disney pop appeal.

Relient K

This band might have started out by playing for the Christian rock demographic, but recent albums have found the band proving themselves as much more than worshipers with cool haircuts. With a tuneful rock sound and an enjoyable live presence, expect punkers and goths to be one and the same with the emo kids during this band's set.

The Devil Wears Prada

After serving as one of the festival's post-sunset headliners two years ago, The Devil Wears Prada return to the same slot this year, and the metalcore outfit can once again expect strong turnouts for their set.

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