Five DFW Rap Songs To Close Out the Summer

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Summer is coming to an end and for those of us in Texas, that means we get three months of non-90-degree days and the return of our beloved football. So, in the spirit of summer and all the mischief it brings, we present the five best rap jams from North Texas artists to play the season out.

Mr. Lucci, "Late Night Coastin" ft. Mr. Pookie & C-Loc If Dazed and Confused, American Graffiti and Roll Bounce taught us anything, it's that summer is time for cruising. So take some advice from this gem and "ride with your trunk open."

Prime the Doe Getter, "Do It For the South" Nothing says underground hip-hop like grainy, poorly shot video that features women in bikinis popping while chromed-out whips roll by. That said, sometimes the underground is where you find some of the best jams. This ode to the South, and mainly Texas, shows Prime and his cohorts exalting the values and highlights of their town and state.

Big Tuck, "Tussle" ft. Tum Tum & Slim Thug Sometimes at a party/the club/a parking lot, a fight is going to break out, and honestly there's not a better song to come on when that shit starts to go down. You have to love summer; it's only the fourth season of the year where you can rationalize getting into a fight for no other reason than a song telling you to.

The D.O.C., "Let the Bass Go" The East Coast-influenced, Dallas-born member of N.W.A. may have had the best solo album from the legendary rap crew. This song in particular features some of Dr. Dre's best sample work, as he mixes James Brown, Parliament and the Beastie Boys to create a backing track that mixes beautifully with The D.O.C.'s flow.

DAMAGED GOOD$, "For The 'IDONTGIVEAFCKS' Only" A nihilistic take on modern culture that touches on everything from legions of young ladies with terrible tattoos to how everyone dresses and acts the same. This is a pure "fuck you" to sameness, hive mentality and the pitfalls of coolness.

Bonus: The Dallas "rap" that makes us wish fall/football season never came back A heartfelt fuck you to Jerry Jones, shitty pizza and the Loomis Agency. This is some early -'90s Fat Boys selling Swatches-type shit.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.