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Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne On The Future Of Record Production, Timely Releases (Part 1 of 2)

In this week's paper, something of a special treat: an exclusive interview with Wayne Coyne, frontman for noted Oklahoma's psych-pop heroes The Flaming Lips.

Coyne, as you may know, has been spending a whole lot of time in Dallas lately. And not just for his fairly standard trips to the Urban Outfitters location at Mockingbird Station, either (although, interestingly enough, those trips too play a role in some of the Lips' more interesting goings-on this year). And he's got his reasons for these regular trips -- ones that extend well beyond his well-know affection for the city.

In short: Coyne's been down here on business. Throughout 2011, as part of his band's stated mission to put out new, limited edition releases each month, he's been making regular trips to Dallas' mom-and-pop vinyl manufacturer, A&R Records, where each vinyl record his band has released this year has been pressed. His reasons for using A&R are plentiful -- the proximity of the shop to his home, the shop's quick turnaround time, its ability to create unique color creations -- and the results, Coyne told us, have been quite fruitful. So, too, have his trips to record stores around the region, including his stops at Dallas' Good Records, where Coyne's stopped a few times this year to personally drop off his band's latest offerings.

Our conversation touches on all these topics and more -- including, in some places, the problems with and the future of the music industry, as well as his earlier-this-year collaboration with the Denton-bred Neon Indian. And it was a fairly lengthy conversation, too, which is why we've cut it up into more digestible sizes. Today, after this here jump, we've posted Part One of our conversation. We've also got another story on the history of A&R Records. Give both a read.

Then, tomorrow, again right here on DC9, come back and check out the second part of our conversation, along with an exclusive slideshow of some of the behind-the-scenes happenings at A&R.

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