Flight Facilities - Rio Room - 4/12/12

Flight Facilities Rio Room Thursday, April 12

Last night was my first visit to Rio Room, and not for lack of interest. I've been wanting to get to their Thursday night DJ series for months now, but since Thursday has become "Little Friday" in Dallas, it's been difficult. So I got dressed up like an adult, put on jewelry, did my hair. I even shaved my legs, because I've been told you "never know who you'll run into at Rio Room."

Australian duo Flight Facilities was already behind the decks at 12:30 a.m., fully committed to their globe-trotting look, which I appreciate. The duo spun through a steady cloud of mid-tempo future-funk, the instantly catchy "Crave You" as the peak.The dance floor was packed, which allowed for M.G.P. (maximum grinding potential) and for strangers to whisper things in your ear, which seems like Flight Facilities goal. Props for changing the standard DJ set up and bringing out guest singer Jess Higgs for "Foreign Language."

More than the music though, it was interesting to see the machinations of a place like Rio Room. The attendants with flashlights, at the scene of every spilled drink on the dance floor within seconds (and there were many). The speakers, hidden in different nooks around the room, so you feel the bass on all sides.The bottles of champagne zipping across the floor with sparklers in them. The way the lights came up in phases at closing time, rather than jarring you back to a harshly-lit reality like many clubs do. Rio Room's paying attention to the details.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.