For Two Weeks Now, Spune's Lance Yocom Has Been In An Arizona Hospital

While vacationing in Arizona a couple weeks back, Spune Productions owner Lance Yocom checked himself into a Flagstaff hospital with flu-like systems and a fever of over 100 degrees. Problem is, doctors have had difficulty determining what, exactly, was the specific cause of his condition.

Since early last week, he's remained hospitalized in Arizona as doctors have continually run tests to determine the root of his ailment, but to little avail.

Update on Saturday at 3:25 p.m.: Lance's wife checks in to the comments below to clear up that Yocom is not in a coma, just heavily sedated, and suffering from severe pneumonia.

A Fort Worth-dwelling thirty-something father of three, Yocom has been a fixture in the North Texas music scene for years. His Spune Productions entity is essentially an all-encompassing music company; Yocom books shows throughout the region (most notably Hailey's in Denton, Dada in Dallas and Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth), while also managing and serving as the record label for a number of adored area bands (including Doug Burr, Seryn and Telegraph Canyon).

On the health-related social media site CaringBridge, Yocom's wife, Somer, has been documenting Yocom's situation. This past Saturday, she compared the scene in the hospital to being on a roller coaster.

"There are constant bouts of calm and panic, peace and serious concern," she wrote. "Yesterday was peaceful and, while today has not been panic, it has certainly been full of serious concern."

The situation -- test upon test, negative result upon negative result, Yocom on a ventilator and being administered various antibiotics, and still no answer -- hasn't greatly improved since.

Today, however, comes a little bit of good news. Writes Somer: "Lance is making progress on his oxygen. The support is down to 60% and they have lowered the nitric oxide to 5 (yesterday it was 40). The respiratory therapists are slowly trying to wean him off of the heavy support and this could take several days or a couple of weeks, depending on his response. His fever is staying down, which is excellent news, and they were able to pull tons of fluid off yesterday. Blood work is indicating all internal organs are working well and he is well-oxygenated."

Still, it's a trying time, no doubt.

"It is the strangest thing to see my husband in that bed, unable to communicate, respond, or even open his eyes," Somer writes. "I have visions of him carrying the boys or showing me something on his phone and he looks like he might open his eyes any second. There are many times I think about how much time will possibly pass before he is able to be with us again and how he will feel about what he has missed. Before he was sedated he was worried about the burden this is placing on his family and about what he would miss with work. It will be a comfort to know that his family pulled together and his co-workers took over to ensure his business did not miss a beat."

We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep DC9 readers posted on Yocom's status. For now, we wish him the best and a speedy recovery.

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