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Forget Ice Cream: Dorrough Enjoys Nikes So Much, He's Released A Song About Them

Brand names popping up in hip-hop is hardly a new trend -- see, for instance, "Pass The Courvoisier" or countless other tracks. And songs in hip-hop about shoes -- and, specifically, Nike shoes -- isn't new, either.

So maybe it's not exactly a surprise that Dallas rapper Dorrough has jumped in on the trend, releasing a song about his love for old-school Nikes called, fittingly, "Old School Nikes." Released quietly this year in the wake of his 2010 release Get Big, the song's actually kind of a banger -- as good, really, as anything on the rapper's somewhat disappointing sophomore full-length and follow-up to his successful 2009, self-titled affair, which put him on the map thanks to songs like "Walk That Walk" and "Ice Cream Paint Job."

Perhaps that's why Dorrough's been pushing the new track of late: Earlier this week, he and DJ Smallz enjoyed a quick conversation on their favorite kinds of old-school Nikes. See Dorrough's response in the above clip. Then, after the jump, give the song, in which he pretty much says the same things he says in the above interview, a listen.

Dorrough -- "Old School Nikes"

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