Fort Worth Brings the Noise

Fort Worth Brings the Noise

Third String Productions, the folks who brought the emo-fest South By So What?! to Plano last month, have another huge day of music lined up for next weekend.

The New Noise Music Festival looks a lot more promising than South By So What, as there is considerably more diversity in the lineup. (That's to say the lineup does not consist entirely of radio-friendly generic rock.)

Rather than repost a bunch of links, we’ll just refer you to Third String’s MySpace page, which is conveniently loaded with links to performers’ pages. The lineup is hit-or-miss, but there are definitely some acts worth checking out, such as Homer Hiccolm and Professors of Light (full list after the jump).

Doors open at noon on Saturday, April 26, at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth. Admission is $20, and it’s an all-ages show. –Jesse Hughey

Musicians scheduled to perform at the New Noise Music Festival include:

The New Frontiers Alive In Wild Paint Jonezetta Brighten The Maine Danger Radio Quiet Company Gazelles Homer Hiccolm and the Rocketboys Deas Vail Badenders Chase Pagan Rescue Signals Professors of Light A Rocket To The Moon Brad Wiley Shoreline's End Soft Machines The New Record Western Legend Artist Vs. Poet (Special Acoustic Set!) Kessler

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