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Fort Worth Weekly Announces Schedule For This Weekend's 2011 Music Awards Showcase

We here at DC9 have heard the joke about how the arts and culture center of Dallas is called Fort Worth. It's a good one!

But, much as we love Dallas, we've gotta admit: There's an almost preternatural amount of good music coming out of Cowtown these days. Bands like Calhoun, the Whiskey Folk Ramblers, and the Hanna Barbarians have all recently emerged from our sister city to become local powerhouses.

So, good timing, then, our the part of Cowtown counterparts over at the Fort Worth Weekly: This weekend, they're showcasing the best their city has to offer with the Fort Worth Weekly Music Awards Showcase. Whereas our own Dallas Observer Music Awards, which will take place this year in October, tend to encompass the entire DFW metroplex, the Weekly focuses specifically on Tarrant County acts -- and they've given voters a heck of a list to choose from.

Hard-rock supergroup Epic Ruins and indie rockers Foxymorons have racked up a whole slew of nominations, as have the aforementioned Calhoun and Whiskey Folk Ramblers. It's enough to make any DFW music fan salivate, so head on over to the FWW site and cast your vote. Then go celebrate the awards out in the Fort on Sunday afternoon, as, starting at 3:30., they're taking over the 7th Street corridor and offering up a free showcase of nominated bands. Yes, free.

Check out the full schedule after the jump.

Oh, and if you Dallasites are pondering whether the 45-minute drive is worth it, the answer is yes. We've calculated it for you: The gas money you'll burn on the drive to and from Fort Worth is about twenty bucks, which is less than the cost of most concert tickets.

Fort Worth Weekly Music Festival Full Schedule for Sunday June 26:

LOLA'S SALOON (2736 W 6th St, 817-877-0666)
8pm The Burning Hotels
7pm Stella Rose
6pm Whiskey Folk Ramblers
5pm Kevin Aldridge
4pm 1945

CAPITAL BAR (3017 Morton St, 817-820-0049)
9pm Tim Halperin
8pm Snakey Roberts (featuring members of Green River Ordinance)
7pm Calhoun
6pm The Orbans
5pm The Cush
4pm The Spiral Sound

GROTTO (517 University Dr, 817-882-9331)
9pm The Hanna Barbarians
8pm KatsuK
7pm Rabbit's Got the Gun
6pm Browningham
5pm Alan
4pm Dru B Shinin'

FRED'S (915 Currie St, 817-332-0083)
9pm Holy Moly
8pm My Wooden Leg
7pm Pablo & The Hemphill 7
6pm Scott Copeland
5pm Maren Morris
4pm Derek Larson & The Leavers

POUR HOUSE (2725 W 7th St, 817-335-2575)
9pm Spoonfed Tribe
8pm Josh Weathers & The True+Endeavors
7pm Luke Wade & No Civilians
6pm Quaker City Night Hawks
5pm Jefferson Colby
4pm Sean Russell

POAG MAHONE'S (700 Carroll St, 817-529-9141)
9pm Skeleton Coast
8pm Titanmoon
7pm Secret Ghost Champion
6pm Phantom Caste
5pm Cityview
4pm Igneous Grimm

7TH HAVEN (2700 W 7th St, 817-744-8550)
9pm Sally Majestic
8pm Pinkish Black
7pm Beauxregard
6pm Fate Lions
5pm JJ & The Rogues
4pm The Hendersons

MAGNOLIA MOTOR LOUNGE (3005 Morton St, 817-332-3344)
9pm Clint Niosi
8pm Fish Fry Bingo
7pm Taylor Craig Mills
6pm Earthquake Country
5pm D. Anson Brody
4pm Strung, Drawn & Quartered (featuring Kavin Allenson, Darrin
Kobetich, and Bill Pohl)

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