Free Concert At Club Dada To Mix Music And Politics

An entity called The Revolution Party of Dallas is hosting an event entitled Freedom Tour ’08 to be held at Club Dada on June 16th.

While also featuring local acts Dustin Tavella, Fish Fry Bingo and Catfish Whiskey, the show will be headlined by folk singing activist Marc Scibilia. Known for writing “Hope Anthem,” a composition that has become recognized as (former?) presidential candidate Ron Paul’s theme song, Scibilia is quite enamored with the Libertarian cause.

His press release states: “The Revolution Party of Dallas has brought together an eclectic group of bands to help celebrate, discuss and spread the message of government rooted in the core principles of our Constitution.”

And exactly what are those core principals, pray tell? Well, that’s where things get a bit vague. The press release lists “Restoring the Constitution,” “Economic Freedom” and “Sound Monetary Policy” as three of the group's main goals.

Sounds kind of scary, like when a televangelist starts claiming exclusive right to morality--one person’s core principal is just another person’s fascist dogma.

Yet, in spite of the dubious political underpinnings, this event does offer some interesting music. Dallas’ Catfish Whiskey’s blues-rock is heady and heavy, and Fish Fry Bingo is definitely the best experimental bluegrass band to come out of Garland.

Drink plenty of beer and the politics will become even fuzzier as a good buzz will have you gravitating towards the music. --Darryl Smyers

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.