Reunion Lawn Party is a family friendly affair with music, food trucks and lawn games. But at night, the booze flows.EXPAND
Reunion Lawn Party is a family friendly affair with music, food trucks and lawn games. But at night, the booze flows.
Roderick Pullum

It's Almost Summer, and That Means Reunion Lawn Parties Are Back

Most festivals leave you broke before you get to the gate. Not so at the Reunion Lawn Party, which is free.

On the last Saturday of every month this summer, the five-acre spread in front of Reunion Tower will host a party. There's live music, dancing, a beer garden, food trucks and lawn games like bocce ball and ring toss — all under a view of the Dallas skyline.

The series has been going strong for three years, and the first event of this year is from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, June 24. There will be an after-party at Monduel’s Bar inside the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

“Being there just brings out something about why we all love being in Texas," says Katie Chaumont, a Reunion Tower employee who helps organize the parties. "You sit back and think, ‘This is why I live here; this is why I live in Dallas. This is why I’m downtown.'"

Each event features a DJ and a local band. For June, The High Definition Band will set the tone. The Special Edition Band will take the stage in July. For August, it's The Petty Theft Band, featuring Mike Rhyner of The Ticket (KTCK-AM). The atmosphere is family friendly, particularly during the day, but booze flows at night.

“It makes for a fun atmosphere of sitting back and relaxing,” Chaumont says. “It’s all about enjoying the good food and the good music with a cold beverage.”

A slew of Dallas sports teams and mascots will make appearances each month. This month, it's F.C. Dallas. In July, the Stars will show up. Then the Mavericks will close it down in August.

“There will be a lot of fan favorites, a lot of giveaways and some big personalities that will make it fun for everybody," Chaumont says. "Lots of surprises, too.”

The Reunion Lawn Party series started as a way to take advantage of the rarely used green space in front of Reunion Tower and has quickly become a summer mainstay.

“It’s just the perfect way to end a Saturday,” Chaumont says.

First Reunion Lawn Party, 6:30-10:30 p.m. Saturday, June 24, Reunion Lawn, 692 Sports St., free, reunionlawnparty.com.

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