From The People That Brought You "C'Mon, LeBron," A New Song Begging Dirk To Stay.

Sure, Robert already mentioned it this morning, but it bears repeating: The people that brought you the "C'mon, Lebron" song (and its remix) are at it again this week, this time presenting Dallas Mavericks fans with a song that aims to keep Drik Nowitzki in a Mavs jersey during the ever-tumultuous NBA free agency period, which started yesterday.

Credit KESN-103.3 FM ESPN Dallas' Ben Rogers, of the Ben & Skin show, plus his collaborators in the Dallas String Quartet, for the new track, called "DFW Digs Dirk." It's a classic white-boy reggae take, which, yes, is somewhat annoying. But you can't really argue with lyrics like "You've revolutionized the 4, a 7-footer hitting threes galore." Give the song a listen--and a download, if you like--after the jump. It's all part of a Mavericks-backed promotion to encourage fans to get on board with pressuring Dirk to stick around.

If nothing else, it's the second-best Dirk-related song we've heard. Perhaps you remember this gem, "Courtside," which Dirk may or may not have recorded around April 1, 2006.

It's creative. You gotta give 'em that.

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