Fun Fun Fun Fest 8: The Complete Wrap-Up

There was a pretty good party in Austin this weekend. Much of what you need to know about Fun Fun Fun Fest this weekend can be found in the look on this dude's face, as he crowd surfes at Slayer. But we have plenty more, if you're into specifics:

It's not a fair comparison, granted, but if you are trying to decide between Fun Fun Fun Fest and SXSW, we have 25 reasons you should go with the former.

Within an hour of walking through the festival's gates, we'd seen Mac DeMarco mashing "Du Hast" with "Cherry Baby" and a giant Twinkie give a girl a massage.

Dallas rapper -topic drove down to Austin with no ticket, no access and no plan to try and give Lupe Fiasco a copy of his CD. He nearly got his ass kicked, but then something incredible happened.

Our first night ended in disappointment at a Misfits show Gavin described as one of the worst things he's ever seen.

The one stage semi-indoors was the comedy tent. On Saturday, Tenacious D played the most rock 'n' roll show it is possible to play using just two acoustic guitars. Oh, and Gavin lost several pounds of water weight.

There were lots of "classic" bands on the lineup this year, so we made a flowchart to help you decide whether going to see them would rekindle your old passion for the band or just bum you out.

There was a taco cannon. Here's what it looked like as it was firing tacos 100 feet into a crowd. You can see plenty more of Mike Brooks' photos in a couple of slideshows.

All in all, a hell of a weekend. Here are the 25 lessons we learned along the way.

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