Fun Fun Fun Fest Scavenger Hunt Hits Deep Ellum This Sunday

Want to contribute to a good cause while also getting a sweet hookup on some concert tickets? Sure you do. For the third year running, the folks at Fun Fun Fun Fest are hosting a scavenger hunt in Deep Ellum as a way to preview the upcoming festival (it takes place November 7 to 9 in Austin) and to also, you know, give out some free tickets.

All you have to do is show on Sunday afternoon with a group of friends, maybe wear a costume and be willing to do some potentially dumb super fun shit -- whatever the organizers deem appropriately amusing for their own sakes. Oh, and the price is free money. Not too bad of a deal, right?

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Registration for the hunt starts at Three Links in Deep Ellum at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday. It's free entry and the hunt itself gets started at 2:00, with materials due back in by 4:00. You can also sign up ahead of time, which may not be a bad idea depending on how hard you wind up going on Saturday night.

Like any good scavenger hunt, there are some incentives built into this one. As previously mentioned, your team will earn extra points for showing up wearing costumes. Your team will also earn points for bringing a proof of can donation slip to the North Texas Food Bank. And, of course, the grand prize is free tickets to Fun Fun Fun Fest.

This year's scavenger hunt is being presented by Granada Theater and Tactics Productions, so the tasks will basically be up to whatever Chris McDonald, Kris Youmans and Gavin Mulloy decide will be funniest. (Pro-tip: Sunday will be Youmans' birthday, so make sure you give him his birthday punches when you see him. No word on whether you get bonus points for that, though.)

Previous years' hunts have included such daunting tasks as finding hidden tickets, recreating memes and doing the dreaded gallon challenge. But don't take our word for it; check out this wrap-up video from the 2013 event and witness all the hilarious idiocy these folks got to participate in.

What else do you have to do Sunday? Watch football?

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