Gerard Dirkx Offers His Take On The Greatest DFW Rock Artists

Sparrowbox, the tongue-in-cheek experimental punk and psychedelic outfit led by Gerard Dirkx, former frontman of legendary Dallas 70’s new wave band The Telefones, is taking mockery to new heights.

In a recent email, Dirkx states that the Dallas Times Herald (which, y'know, folded in '91) “just published” a poll on The Greatest All-Time Dallas/Ft. Worth Rock Artists. According to Dirkx, the list:

1. Sparrowbox 2. ZZ Top 3. Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble 4. The Telefones 5. Steve Miller 6. The Toadies 7. The New Bohemians 8. Pantera 9. Boz Scaggs 10. B.J. Thomas

Pretty cagey of Dirkx to include his old band in that list as well...

Listening to Sparrowbox’s available downloads on Myspace, it’s clear that satire is the order of the day. Cuts like “Love Nails” (an obvious but amusing parody of Nine Inch Nails) and “I Hate Everything” show a band ready to poke fun at just about anything. Interestingly, the music is pretty funky as if, even in the most comical of settings, Dirkx can’t help but let some of his serious songwriting talent shine through.

Catch Sparrowbox live on Saturday, May 24, at The Barley House Bar of Soap. --Darryl Smyers

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