Get in on Fair to Midland Tix for 10 Bucks

If the success of locals-hitting-it-big Fair to Midland means anything, it’s that constant touring and publicity bombardments can sometimes work. Of course, so can dense, smart proggy guitar work. In this case, the combination of all these elements has shoved FTM to the top of the list of what the kids are listening to these days.

FTM’s December 26 show at House of Blues should be a sweet homecoming for the group, made even sweeter for its fans because tix are only $10.21 in honor of local station KDGE 102.1. Yeah, December 26 is a ways away, but you’ve only got ’til this Friday to take advantage of the special pricing. Just order your tickets through Ticketmaster and enter the password KDGE on the purchase page to get access. Of course, Ticketmaster* will be charging a $45 “handling fee,” but at least the tickets are cheap. –- Jonanna Widner

*This is satire.

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