Get In on the Collision Art Party

We suggest checking out all the work at Collision, including that by the lovely Ange Fitzgerald. Hear Clint Scism explain Collision and see a few more of the works. (Ange Fitzgerald)
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A brisk tutorial into what occurs when “things” collide:

In the wondrous world of computing, collision refers to “an instance of simultaneous transmission by more than one node of a network,” according to my Mac’s internal dictionary. Hmm. Fascinating. Then, of course, to challenge my tech-jargon naiveté, I looked up “node” (a central point of connection and/or intersection).

OK. Got It. So a collision, according to my (not very) thorough research and previous understanding of the concept is… an intense merging. It is a transmission. An intersection of core variables. A smashing combustion of sorts generally followed by an affecting result.


For Clint Scism, a Dallas illustrator, wire sculptor and accidental party thrower, Collision is all of the above -- only specifically applied to the melding of visual artists, musicians and a fervent will to stimulate the Dallas cultural scene.

Collision is an “art party.”

Collision is a collaborative celebration of creative expression and fun.

Collision is happening this Saturday night at the Continental Gallery in Deep Ellum from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. and is free.

The show will feature four local visual artists: Clint Scism, Marc Nelson, Ange Fitzgerald and Havi Frost; and three musical highlights: a DJ set by Miss CJ and Andrew Blanchard, a live jaunt from local sweetheart Lovie and to end the evening with a metaphorical bang a performance by Red Monroe. Oh, and add complimentary fermented beverages, roller derby babes and a busload of drunken Santas into the mix and well…

What began as a fragmented notion to showcase Scism’s personal collection, Collision gained unimaginable momentum and metamorphosis-ized into a potentially raucous bash fueled by the cosmic dichotomy of chance and purpose.

Genuinely inspired and intrigued by the velocity of the show, I poked my nose into the collective for more insight.

Tell me a bit about Collision and how you are involved:

Ange Fitzgerald (photographer): This BADASS event/show/exhibit is going to be a colossal COLLISION of artists and musicians celebrating the cool, cultural, clever and creative energy that’s been flowing through and exploding in Dallas recently.

Clint Scism (creator/artist): This is the kind of event where someone just might get naked.

Mark Nelson (painter): I will be one of four artists showing. There will be two photographers and two painters; two women and two men; one husband and one wife; two bands – should be a nice balance. I love the space over at the Continental Gallery and am excited about showing there for the first time.

Havi Frost (photographer): Collision has three really awesome artists and me. My husband (Mark Nelson) is one of the artists, too. I heard rumors that there will be 40 drunk Santas and some really angry roller derby chicks. I’m not why they’re angry.

As far as my involvement, I’m hoping to steal a drunken Santa’s costume. I think I’d look pretty good with a white beard.

What is your specialized mode of artistic expression?

Ange: I express my creativity via photography and am crazy in love with not only the shooting, but the editing process. I like messing around with portraits and city scene-scapes and making them look like little paintings.

Mark: I’m a little confused by that question. I like to listen to Bob Dylan and drink way too many cups of coffee until my lines suffer from the caffeine shakes.

How would you like to see Collision impact the Dallas cultural scene?

Clint: This thing has grown arms and legs and is hungry. We need backing and support and donations and missions and quests and all that stuff, but I’m fully confident that all of that will present itself when needed. Collision II is in the works. Our focus will be to help fund one specific art project or film or otherwise with each show. We are currently looking for artists who need funding for a specific project. We are looking for those small artists with big ideas and we want to help them make it happen. The art is feeding the art and it’s a damn good cause. -- Krissi Reeves

Watch our audio slideshow to see images from Collision and hear Clint Scism describe the purpose of the show.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.