Get Pumped: Download a Couple of Sweet Mavericks Jams For Your Pre-Game Pleasure

All week, over on Unfair Park,

Robert's been posting with way too much enthusiasm about Flula Borg, the German musician behind the bizarre, above-posted pro-Dirk Nowitzki jam, "His Name Is Dirk."He even internationally dialed the musician and got some choice on-record quotes like this one about his inspiration for creating the track

: "I think I just had a fire in my bum." Indeed.

Thing is, Borg is only one of the musicians who has created an epic Mavs track over the years. Among our favorites? There's the one The King Bucks' Chad Stockslager penned about J.J. Barea a few years back. There's PPT's 2006 Mavericks playoff anthem "We're Rowdy, Loud and Proud," too. And who could forget the song noted guitar-noodler Nowitzki may or may not have written, recorded passed along our way to hand out as a free download that same year?

After the jump, download free mp3s of all four tracks to get yourself into prime shape before the Mavs take on the Oklahoma City Thunder for tonight's second game in the NBA's Western Conference Finals. And, of course, Go Mavs!

Flula Borg -- "His Name is Dirk (Nowitzki)"

Chad Stockslager -- "Barea Song"

PPT -- "We're Rowdy, Loud and Proud"

The Dirk Nowitzki Trans-Contintental Express -- "Courtside"

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