Get To Know Denton Dream Poppers Novaak

Two weeks back at 35 Conferette (has it really been that long?), we finally went and caught a live set from Denton dream pop upstart Novaak, a band whose debut album, I Am, You Are, we've very much enjoyed. But you already knew that.

Anyway, we're happy to report, the band's live show, which comes as a five-piece with multi-instrumentalist Blake Panter and vocalist Jessi James being backed by three local mercenaries, very much lives up to the band's recorded prowess, with James hitting all the necessary notes and Panter and Co. swaggering about stage appropriately. Just kind of wanted to pass that but of information along, I guess, and recommend checking these guys out live the next time they play, which, before you ask, comes on Friday night at The Prophet Bar.

How convenient, then, that, earlier today, our friends at WeDentonDoIt posted a new video interview with the band, and got some intimate live performance footage of the band doing its songs "Marnie" and "You Pressed The Crash Button." Perhaps the most pertinent bit of information in this new clip, though? Panter's reveal that Novaak's next project will be to tackle writing music for senior citizens. We kind of hope he's not kidding.

Anyway, watch the clip after the jump.

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