Get To Know Your 2012 DOMA Nominees: My Wooden Leg

Leading up to our November 10 showcase, we'll be getting you familiar with some of our Dallas Observer Music Awards nominees, either via past features we've done on them, or new ones. You can vote for your favorite acts, venues and more right here.

Nestled quite comfortably in the Best None of the Above category is Michael Maftean and Joshua Jones of My Wooden Leg. The duo is a little of everything, as heard on their new album, The Jealous Disco, but they call themselves a Gypsytronic Balkan rock band. Below is my interview with lead singer Maftean and his computer, S.A.M., also known as Super Awesome Machine, who is actually a 2004 Macintosh G4 Aluminum Powerbook, and samples the band's bass tracks. The three of us discuss a few very important topics.

Why did you name your band My Wooden Leg? S.A.M.: Its not your wooden leg, it's mine. Get your own.

How do you feel about being nominated for the Best None of the Above DOMA? Do you think the "None of the Above" part suits you, or do you feel like the redheaded step-child? S.A.M.: F*&$ing thrilled. What category would a Gypsytronic Balkan Rock duo that sings in Romanian and has a computer named S.A.M. as the bassist be nominated in? We don't know either. My Wooden Leg is unique and to be nominated in the most ambiguous DOMA category, well it fits like a mitten.

What is the best aspect of your band's music, or music-making process? Maftean: Because of the samples we're using, each live show goes through a pre-production where we piece together the set. So it's always changing and growing into new ideas that lead to more change and musical evolution.

If you could do anything you wanted in a public setting, which you're normally not allowed to do, what would it be and where would it take place? Maftean: I'd double park on Easy Street.

If you were alone in a room with someone's actual wooden leg, but the owner was nowhere to be found, what would you do to/with the wooden leg? S.A.M: Go help the amputee laying helpless somewhere. After, of course, trying it on while making pirate noises, matey.

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