Get Yer Independence Day Dance Jam On With A Few Choice Local Mixtape Downloads

There's gonna be a whole lot of barbecuing and pool-hopping this weekend, if common sense is any indicator for what we should expect to go down on this Fourth of July weekend. Course, there needs to be a soundtrack to it all...

So, on that note, here are a couple DC9-approved mixtapes from area DJs floating around the Internet, all ripe for your downloading and listening pleasure (and, while we're at it, don't forget about that VEGA mixtape we mentioned on Wednesday):

  • DJ Select's got two mixtapes out at the moment: Summertime Reggae and Swag Surfin'. The former's pretty much exactly what it sounds like, checking in at over an hour and featuring new tracks from Major Lazer, Drake and Mr. Vegas among many, many others. The latter's more of a D-Town Boogie deal, with tracks from local rap sensations GS Boyz, Lil Wil, B-Hamp, T-Willz and some national stars like Diddy and Plies. Given my own affinity for local hip-hop at the moment, I think I prefer the Swag Surfin' tape--but it's really tough to deny the sun-kissed sounds of the Summertime Reggae tape thanks to some of the little-known gems thrown on there...
  • DJ El Macho, meanwhile, had gone a totally separate route, offering up some more rockin' fare for an at-times trance-y tape called Kaboom, featuring the likes of Bloc Party, Smashing Pumpkins, Gorillaz and Gang of Four.

And, luckily enough, you can also catch both of these local DJs in action around town tonight. Select will be at Murray Street Coffee tonight from 5 to 8, spinning a Michael Jackson tribute set; El Macho will be running his weekly residency "Fever" at Fallout Lounge starting at 10.

So download, pre-party and then go party for real. Then watch the fireworks that are sure to ensure afterward--both literally and figuratively.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.