Gig Alert: Freedman, Wilonsky and Grimes Bring Snark Off Blog, Into The Loft

Typically, us Observer peeps keep our ever-simmering hearts of hate hidden behind the gentle curtain of the written word. But, tonight, we are coming out from behind our mixed metaphor to make an exception for you, our readers, whosoever of you are foolish enough to get drunk and sing in front of us.

For we have been asked to judge you, and judge you we shall.

The good and fine and schadenfreudin' folks of Rock Star Karaoke--that thing where you get up and sing pop songs with a live band's backing--aligned the stars such that myself, music editor Pete Freedman and blog editor Robert "Bobsky" Wilonsky will be at The Loft this evening, drinks in hand, to decide which karaoke-er is the most deserving of a chance to advance to the Rock Star Karaoke July contest finals next week on the 28th.

Here's the deal: You can get to the Loft at 10 p.m. and sing regular karaoke, judgment-free, if you are a pansy-souled sniveling coward of the lowest order. Or you can check out RSK's available set list, sign up for the contest which starts at 11:15 p.m. like a grown-ass whatever-gendered-thing-you-identify-as, and get judged by us.

Your pick. Totally up to you. Whatever sounds good. 

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