Girls Rock Dallas' Summer Camp Grooms the Rock Stars of the Future

For the past four years, Girls Rock Dallas has been doing something that no one else in North Texas does: giving young girls a chance to form their own bands and write their own music during a week-long summer camp. It's one of the feel-good stories in the local music community, and it's a tradition that these young ladies seem to have taken to enthusiastically, with many returning after their first visits.

The camp was started in 2012 by local musician Rachel Michaud, who was inspired after seeing the Girls Rock! documentary. Girls from elementary school age to high school age are welcomed to participate and given the opportunity to play a range of instruments including guitar, bass, drums and keyboards. At the end of the week, they play a public showcase, which this year took place at Club Dada.

Outside of the music, campers also take part in a number of workshops including screen printing, band art and self defense. "I would've loved to have something like this when I was younger," Michaud says.

From the looks of it when we visited the camp last month, these girls love it as well. Oh, and in case you're wondering, the song that the Music Bombs play in the video is called "Food Fighters" — which, besides being all of the cute, suggests these young ladies are plenty smart and savvy. Good thing they're getting the tools to make the most of it.

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