Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tickets to See Freelance Whales Tonight at The Loft

Not gonna lie: The first time I heard

Freelance Whales

' "Hannah," with its quirky electronic flourishes, sentimental lyrics and cutesy vocal delivery, I was fairly certain that it was some new Owl City single. And, ever since, I've had trouble deciding if that was a good or bad thing for the band and its songs filled with excessively wide instrumentation.

On the one hand, they seem like a cookie-cutter band formed specifically to up the indie music world's adorable quotient. And, on the other hand, well, they pretty much are adorable.

Plus, what's not to like about people who are proficient at being whales going from whale job to whale job to pay the bills? What are their pay rates? How does their plankton-per-minute ratio factor in?

These are hard-hitting questions that need answers. And maybe we'll be able to get the answers to some of them as the Brooklyn-based folktronic outfit stops by The Loft on this jam-packed evening to share a bill with Denton's Own Sundress -- a nice, trippy pairing, no doubt.

And, thanks to the fine folks at The Loft, we've got a handful of tickets to give away to this show. Want a free pair? Hit the skip to find out how to win.

Want a free pair of tickets to tonight's show? OK. Just be among the first three people to email me, starting right now, with the words "Part-Time Plankton" in the subject line, and you're in. Good luck!

Update: Contest is over. Congrats to our winners!

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.