Giveaway: Three Pairs of Tix to Warped Tour

Oh, and speaking of Warped Tour, which is kicking off right about now, actually: Quite the unexpected surprise this morning, courtesy of the folks at Gexa Energy Pavilion, who just passed our way three pairs of tickets to in turn pass your way for today's first-day-of-tour events down in Fair Park.

So, if you're feeling the weekend's-almost-here blues, you want to get out of the office (or just off of the couch, you lucky, lucky kids on summer vacation) and you are indeed kicking yourself for missing last night's festivities at the Double Wide, well, we've got your back.

How to win these passes? Actually, that's incredibly easy. Hit the jump and we'll spill all the deets.

No, really, it's incredibly easy: Just sprint on over to our offices at 2501 Oak Lawn Avenue, take the elevator up to the seventh floor and tell our front desk receptionist Alex that you're here for the free Warped Tour tickets.

We've only got three pairs to hand out, so you'll want to hurry. Just be sure to be safe -- both on your way over here, and at the festival as well.

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