Busking With John Pedigo at the State Fair of Texas

There were numerous musical acts performing at the State Fair of Texas this year, but only one that brought the show to you instead of occupying a stage. Globe Trek Productions followed Dallas musicians John Pedigo and Corey Graves strolling through the State Fair of Texas as they played “Wet a Line” and “Comedian,” two songs from the self-titled album Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner. From the shaky floor of a fun house to the organized chaos of the Midway, Pedigo sings to the passersby on their way to the next shade-providing tent.

Pedigo and Graves reminisced about their love-at-first-sight moment years ago at the fair, the success of the Pedigo’s Magic Pilsner and some backstory on their songs. A highly illegal performance of “Comedian” provides the crossover of an acoustic concert with carnival rides, filling a hole people didn’t even know existed.

The smile on Pedigo’s face as he sings provides a disarming contrast from the personal lyrics that kick you in the gut when you listen closely. And you will, repeatedly, because they’re that damn good. With pieces of folk, rock and country making the content of this particular Pilsner, people in line for cotton candy didn’t realize the impressive feat of storytelling and pathos that walked past them this particular day of the fair.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.