Concert Reviews

Goblin at Texas Theatre, 4/27/14

Everybody that's seen Suspiria has an opinion about Goblin, whether they realize it or not. The Italian prog rock greats have, throughout their career, created some of the most captivating and unnerving music ever put to film. With their work on Suspiria, though, they made what is widely considered the most horrific film score ever produced, a cacophonous nightmare once described as the sound of "500 cats having their tails trampled on in unison."

It's a soundtrack you simply can't ignore, one of those musical rarities that approaches you, dives inside, and then remakes the way you understand music. Whether it's only for two hours or for a lifetime, for good or bad, you're altered. For many, this was the way they came to know Goblin, their gateway to a career's worth of prickly progressive rock. It's also one of the reasons, I suspect, that there's a line of 300 people waiting outside Texas Theatre an hour before show time.

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Jonathan Patrick