Good Friday: 35 Denton Isn't the Only Thing To Do This Weekend

It would be slightly unfortunate to have scheduled a concert on the same weekend as 35 Denton, but it's not like everyone's going up there, right? [Crickets chirping; the entire office is headed North on I-35.] But, for those of us left behind, there are still plenty of things to do around town, probably with a little more elbow room to do them now that everyone's up in Denton.

We already mentioned the Girls, and Unknown Mortal Orchestra show at the Granada tonight in the print section, along with the Heartless Bastards show tonight at Lola's Saloon and Joe "King" Carrasco at the Kessler tomorrow.

Hayes Carll, Travis Linville
Friday, March 9, at the Kessler Theater

Of all the places you can see Hayes Carll perform, the Kessler is probably the best. It's just a little too small. These days Carll rarely performs on a stage smaller than the House of Blues or Billy Bob's Texas. But this rare intimate show is a must for local fans.

True Widow
Friday, March 9, at Canton Co-Op

True Widow is playing at Canton Co-Op tonight along with a super secret special support act that Parade of Flesh cannot divulge. Prediction: It's U2.

O'Brother, Junius, My Education
Satuday, March 10, at Bryan Street Tavern

Heavy, hard hitting indie rock band O'Brother will be co-headlining this show at Bryan Street Tavern tomorrow night with Junius and Austin instrumentalists My Education. Parade of Flesh is bringing in both bands as part of one of the best non-35 Denton bills going on this weekend.

Randy Travis
Saturday, March 10, at Billy Bob's Texas

The last time Randy Travis came to town he ended up in the Denton County drunk tank. I can't wait to see what happens this time!

George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic
Saturday, March 10, at House of Blues

If you've ever spent two minutes listening to Old School 94.5-FM, you've probably heard six songs from George Clinton & P-Funk. What's that you say? My math doesn't add up? You should see how they fit all zillion band members on stage at one time. 

Wayne "The Train" Hancock
Saturday, March 10, at Granada Theater

Wayne Hancock hates the current state of country music. That makes two of us. Except that Taylor Swift girl. I like her.

Dr. Dog, Givers (SOLD OUT)
Sunday, March 11, at Granada Theater

It's been interesting to see the evolution of Dr. Dog's live performance over the years. It used to be an understated rock and roll affair. Now it's an, ahem, overstated rock and roll affair. Still, it's definitely the biggest show happening on Sunday, maybe the entire weekend.

Boyz II Men
Sunday, March 11, at House of Blues

Last time this band played here, it was just them and a karaoke machine. Let's hope they step it up on Sunday night. 

Sunday, March 11, at Allure

Somehow, Allure, the club on the outskirts of Deep Ellum on Elm Street, has booked Questlove to perform a DJ set on Sunday night. Expect to see all the big names in local hip- hop, and also, don't expect to get in. That place is kinda small.

...and that's it for us. We hope you have a fun, safe weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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