Good Friday: Brent Best, Telegraph Canyon, Greg Schroeder, Bob Log III, Brave Combo, The Hold Steady, The Whigs, True Widow, Dove Hunter, The O's, Rodeo Ruby Love, Mini Kiss, Second Saturdays and Others!

American writer Larry Brown was born and grew up in Oxford, Mississippi. His works caught the eye of Alejandro Escovedo, who often played back-up for Brown during his public readings. Brown passed away in 2004, but Brent Best, Chris Welch, and Isaac Hoskins will celebrate his birthday and his memory tonight at Dan's Silverleaf. Should be an interesting show.

So, too, should this Saturday night deal, which focuses on the visual side of things: At Kettle Art Gallery in Deep Ellum, Frank Campagna's put together an exhibit called Eye Tunes. The show focuses on musical artists who also dabble in the visual arts and will feature works from area mainstays like Barry Kooda (The Nervebreakers), Gary Myrick (Gary Myrick and the Figures), Luke Harnden (Maleveller), Amber Farris (Somebody's Darling), Mike Graff (Course of Empire) and others. And at Saturday night's opening, which starts at 7 p.m., DJ Mr. Rid will be spinning local tunes to keep the local music celebration going. And this is pretty cool, too: The exhibit will run through the end of the month and will also be open next weekend for our DOMAXXII Showcase on Saturday night.

As far as other shows, well, over the past week, we've already mentioned several noteworthy ones happening this weekend. But here's a friendly reminder...

On Friday, Telegraph Canyon and Greg Schroeder perform at Lochrann's Irish Pub & Eatery. Over at The Loft, you'll be able to catch Bob Log III play some of the weirdest Delta Blues you'll ever hear.

On Saturday, Summer Ames and Brian Douglas Phillips keep it mellow at Opening Bell Coffee and the Wee Beasties will open for Brave Combo, who are guaranteed to play "The Chicken Dance" at Hailey's Club. The Granada Theater, meanwhile, will host The Hold Steady and The Whigs, and House Of Blues will have Steel Train, Matt Embree, and Young The Giant.

On Sunday, Lightning Bolt, Indian Jewelry, Best Fwends, and Guards will be at Trees.

More of this weekend's shows after the jump.

Big Red Rooster, Damaged Good$, Dem Southernfolkz, Kain
Friday, July 9, at House Of Blues

Local hip-hop acts Damaged Goods, and Dem Southernfolkz are both up for Dallas Observer Music Awards, and deservedly so. It's a little strange that they're opening for Big Red Rooster here, whose blend of hip-hop and rock doesn't really translate for fans of either genre, but their contributions should still make this a show worth your while.

Forgotten Space
Friday, July 9, at Barley House

A Grateful Dead tribute band keeps Jerry Garcia's memory alive--each week at the Barley House.

Friday, July 9, at Jaguars

We normally don't tout shows taking place in strip clubs--partially because, well, we don't hear about all that many of them. but this one is tough to ignore: On Friday night at the Jaguars in Dallas (and then again on Saturday night at the Fort Worth version of the same club), Mini Kiss will be play. Mini KISS is exactly what it sounds like--a KISS tribute band comprised of little people. And, well, that's a little amazing.

True Widow, Mansions, UME
Friday, July 9, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

True Widow is one of those rare bands in the area who are loved by pretty much everyone. Their slow-core rock is loved by punks, metal fans, and hipsters alike.

The Crash That Took Me
Saturday, July 10, at Dan's Silverleaf

Sensory overload shoegaze band The Crash That Took Me is an excitable bunch. Lead singer Dylan Silvers whips his band into a frenzy as they play My Bloody Valentine-inspired riffs. If nothing else, their shows are always a fun time.

Dove Hunter, Shiny Around The Edges, Dust Congress
Saturday, July 10, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

If Led Zeppelin was from the south, they'd probably sound a lot like Dove Hunter. And though Dove Hunter's are a loud, heavy-riffing band, Shiny Around The Edges and Dust Congress will be there keep things at a reasonable volume.

The O's, East Dallas Shufflers
Saturday, July 10, at Double Wide

How can you not like John Pedigo and Taylor Young? They're some of the nicest, funniest guys around, and their heart-felt songs are a great soundtrack to hear while sitting back and relaxing with a cold one.

Second Saturdays: Charlie Shafter, The Orbans, Four Left Turns; Burning Room, Southern Assault, Poisonwood, Blackist; Verdant; Mad Mexicans, IMI, Saintkarla, Love Vs. Hate; Brake Vegas, Silver Loves Mercury, Hexawolf Jury, New Disaster
Saturday, July 10, at La Grange, Reno's Chop Shop Saloon, The Bone, Trees, and The Prophet Bar, respectively

Consider this your warm-up for next weekend's DOMAXXII Showcase. Five of our six participating venues from next weekend's affair (not including our outdoor stage, obviously) are participating in this, the return of Second Saturdays in Deep Ellum. The concept is pretty simple: You pay $10 and you get a wristband that gets you into all of these shows. It's not a bad take this time around either. Our picks for the highlights of this event? The DOMAXXII-nominated The Orbans and Mad Mexicans. Of course, right?

Rodeo Ruby Love
Saturday, July 10, at The Cavern

A great indie-rock band from Indiana will be coming to The Cavern for this show: Rodeo Ruby Love's up-beat pop sounds like it should translate well in a live setting, too.

Colin Hay, Katsuk
Sunday, July 11, at Granada Theater

The Granada will host Men At Work singer Colin Hay. Come help him raise money to pay off that lawsuit for ripping off a children's song on "Land Down Under."

That's it from us. Got others? Add 'em in the comments. Till Monday, enjoy your weekend and we'll see you back here next week!

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