Good Friday: DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, The Flowers of God, The O's, The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, The Mumbles, Collin Herring, Boys Named Sue & More!

It's a weekend chock-full of holiday parties. The Granada Theater is throwing one, DayBowBow has one in Denton, The O's have one at Sons of Hermann Hall, and "The Orphanage" is hosting their fifth annual Christmas party at the Double Wide on Saturday night. The two slackers who host the Saturday morning program on KTCK 1310-AM The Ticket have invited RTB2, Air Review, Old Snack and our own Playlister P to perform. It's cheap to get in, too -- only $5 -- and all proceeds go toward Gladney Center for Adoption, naturally.

That's not all, though. Here are several other holiday and non-holiday shows that we've already mentioned this week.

Tonight, DayBowBow's Christmas party will see performances from Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, The Flowers Of God, Manned Missiles, Leg Sweeper, and Florene at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios, and The O's throw a Christmas party at Sons of Hermann Hall with The King Bucks, and Rodney Parker. Meanwhile, Reckless Kelly will be at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. Oh, and don't forget: Erykah Badu makes her debut as a DJ tonight, under the name DJ Lo Down Loretta Brown, at PM Lounge.

On Saturday, Binary Sunrise and Dharma will be at the Pastime Tavern, and Turbo Fruits will be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios along with Pujol.

And, on Sunday, The Granada Theater will host their annual Holiday party with The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band.

After the jump, we present you with even more options.

Jayson Bales Band, Elkhart
Friday, December 17, at Poor David's Pub

Jayson Bales has been kicking around Dallas for several years. As a financial adviser by day and a rock musician by night, you would think he's a pretty conflicted individual, but he's actually quite the songsmith. Check out this solid bill of americana-rock from Bales and Travis Hopper's Elkhart.

The Mumbles
Friday, December 17, at Green Elephant

If you have a hankering for a good '80s cover band -- no, not The Spazmatics -- be sure and check out The Mumbles. Once a regular name on marquees around town, The Mumbles have slowed down a bit as of late. But this show at the Green Elephant is a good chance to reconnect with the songs of your childhood.

Collin Herring
Friday, December 17, at The Belmont Hotel

Besides the possibility of freezing temperatures, The Belmont Hotel is a great place to see Fort Worth's alt-country darling, Collin Herring. He's been on the verge of a breakthrough in the country music industry for nearly a decade, but he never seems to get his songs on the national stage. One day, though...

Friday, December 17, at Curtain Club

Just when you thought the joke was getting old, Lazer is back with a new album and a slew of new shows.

The Quitters, The Orbans, Future People
Friday, December 17, at Double Wide

The Orbans are on a roll, so to speak. Still riding high from the release of their record When We Were Wild, they've been playing quite a bit around the region lately, and tightening up their sound. That shouldn't be too hard to do, considering that the songs on their album are perfectly crafted pop songs that stay in your head for ages. This show at Double Wide is a perfect chance to see them in an intimate venue. 

Boys Named Sue
Saturday, December 18, at Adair's Saloon

This show ends a week of what the the Boys Named Sue are calling "Holiday Hell (Raisin') Week." And what better way to catch the Sues than at their most hungover? Hey, charity gigs really take it out of you.

Grant Jones
Sunday, December 19, at La Grange

Another regular act in La Grange's brunch series, Grant Jones is the perfect accompaniment for the bruncher who likes a little whiskey in the morning. 

That's it from us. Leave anything we missed in the comments section, and have a great weekend.

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