Good Friday - Double Wide Parking Lot Pool Party, Boys Named Sue, Trey Johnson, James Hall and the Futura Bold, Ludacris, Dorrough, Blixaboy, Akkolyte, and more

The folks over at Double Wide had so much fun with their July Fourth pool party that they're blowing up the above-ground pool again Sunday, and this time Boys Named Sue will provide the soundtrack. It's the perfect weekend for it, too--with temperatures well over 100 degrees every day.

But if you're wanting to stay in the air-conditioned indoors, here are a few other noteworthy concerts we've already mentioned over the past week.

On Friday, Trey Johnson will play his melancholy songs at his old stomping grounds, Barley House. And at The Kessler Theatre, James Hall and the Futura Bold, Bobgoblin, The Boom Boom Box and New Fumes will remind us of when Dallas embraced rock stars

On Saturday, Bob Schneider, Quiet Company, and Nicholas Altobelli will be at House Of Blues, Little Black Dress, RTB2, and The Timeline Post will be in Fort Worth at Lola's, and K104 is throwing a Summer Jam with Ludacris, Ciara, and the man with the Ice Cream Paint Job, our own Dorrough.

And after the jump, more of this weekend's shows.

Akkolyte, Vaste Burai, Lychgate, Nocore Deadmedium
Friday, July 30, at The Nightmare

Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez are brothers as well as the only members of the thrash band Akkolyte. Really, they're as much avant-garde as they are thrash, and their grinding music translates into an energetic live performance.

The Killdares, John Pointer
Friday, July 30, at Granada Theater

Only a few months away from St. Patty's day and you're already craving some Celtic rock? Well, The Killdares will be at the Granada--just don't forget to wear green.

The Orbans, Calhoun
Friday, July 30, at The Moon

It's definitely one of the better shows going on this weekend, and the small room at The Moon should make for an intimate, enjoyable show from two of the area's most talented hook writers.

Bible Belt Bit Fest
Saturday, July 31, at 1919 Hemphill in Ft. Worth

The second annual Bible Belt Bit Fest or BBB2 (as it's known to insiders) will feature bands who have been inspired by 8-bit video game soundtracks. Some of the tunes on the Festival's Bandcamp site really take me back to when I couldn't beat Super Mario Bros. (still can't).

Blixaboy, Sextape
Saturday, July 31, at The Cavern

Great Euro-style electro-set from long-time area musician Wanz Dover.

Jack County Band
Saturday, July 31, at Fred's Texas Cafe

Jack County's throwback country sound goes perfectly with a game of washers in the backyard of Fred's Texas Cafe.

James Hall And The Futura Bold, Sunward, The O's Daniel Folmer
Saturday, July 31, at The Kessler Theatre

James Hall and the Futura Bold are doing two shows this weekend. The first show--which was mentioned at the top of the Good Friday--features great Dallas bands of yesteryear. Saturday's show has some of today's best artists in the support slots.

James Hall live from the asto-turf (acoustic set)
Saturday, July 31, at Good Records (3pm)

James Hall is all up in this piece this weekend!

Get The F@!# Out Fest
Sunday, August 1, at Veterans Park in Arlington

GTFO is a celebration of mostly local bands with a Do It Yourself ethic--most of which happen to be punk or hardcore. Akkolyte will be headlining the fest, which will feature performances from 10 other artists as well.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.