Good Friday: Moondoggies, Ume, The O's, Sarah Jaffe, The Cool Kids, New Science Projects, Chris Johnson, The Virgin Wolves, Menkena, Bob Schneider, 30 Seconds To Mars & More!

Despite having a terrible name, Moondoggies' brand of Americana and alt-country is surprisingly good -- so good that, last month, the Seattle quartet's song "What Took So Long" was featured as NPR's song of the day. While drawing some comparisons to Fleet Foxes, their four-part harmonies actually land them closer to Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. And seeing them in concert would be the perfect excuse to check out the new Club Dada on Sunday.

But that's just the start when it comes to the steaming pile of shows scheduled for this weekend. Here's a few we've already mentioned this week...

Tonight, Calhoun returns from New York to perform at The Moon in Fort Worth, along with The O's, and This Will Destroy You, The Boom Boom Box, and Ume will be at Granada Theater.

On Saturday, The O's will be taking the headlining slot at Double Wide, with the help of Sleeping In The Aviary, and The Blurries, and at Lola's Saloon in Fort Worth, Sarah Jaffe, Bosque Brown, and We're Not Dudes will perform. Also? The Cool Kids will be at Trees, and New Science Projects celebrate the release of new record Bikini Salute along with Delmore Pilcrow, Two Knights, Dust Congress, and Real Live Tigers.

Lastly, on Sunday, The Get Up Kids, Steel Train, and River City Extension will be at The Loft.

More of this weekend's shows are posted after the jump.

Nicholas Altobelli, Kristy Kruger, Raymond Weyandt
Friday, January 21, at All Good Cafe

This is a really good night of music all around. The prolific Nicholas Altobelli's heartfelt mellow folk will be accented nicely with Kristy Kruger's sweet melancholy, poetic pop songs. Kruger has been playing music in Dallas much longer the Altobelli, but both are worth more than the cost of admission at All Good Cafe -- never mind that the show is free.

Chris Johnson, Danny Balis, Johnny Lloyd Rollins, Greg Schroeder
Friday, January 21, at Club Dada

For a last-minute show (this one was added to the venue's website this afternoon), this bill featuring several of the area's best songwriters is one of the strongest of the weekend. Chris Johnson, lead singer of Telegraph Canyon, is known also for his riveting solo performances. With only an acoustic guitar, he has hushed many a Dallas crowd with his powerful songs.

Fallen From The Nest, Robinson Hall, Sidekick Mafia
Friday, January 21, at Curtain Club

Just when you thought Dallas music was on the upswing, Fallen From The Nest reunite.

The Virgin Wolves, The Demigs, The Red 100's
Friday, January 21, at Hailey's Club

With just an EP under their belts, The Virgin Wolves are making quite a racket with their dirty, driving, blues-based rock. Young, tatted up and heroin chic, they seem to embrace all the asthetic value of rock 'n' roll, and their music isn't half bad either. And, assuming that the sound system at Hailey's won't cut in and out all night, this should be a really good show.

Bob Schneider
Saturday, January 22, at The Kessler Theater (two shows)

Bob Schneider seems like a case of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. On one side, his songs are vulgar even for the most worldly 7th grader, which probably accounts for his massive frat-boy draw. His early project, The Scabs, was known for being notoriously foul. But, on the other side, it's his radio-friendly pop songs that keep the venues he plays at capacity. 

Menkena, Novaak, Mike Graff
Saturday, January 22, at La Grange

We've used quite a bit of this space over the last few weeks talking about Menkena, who are prepping to release their new record With You I'll Travel on Saturday night at La Grange. In addition, newcomer dream pop duo Novaak and former Course Of Empire frontman Mike Graff will open the show.

Thirty Seconds To Mars
Sunday, January 23, at House Of Blues

Thirty Seconds To Mars kicks off a two night stint in Dallas, so, if you love Jared Leto as much as he does, there's that.

...and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday!

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