Good Friday: Phosphorescent, Lady Gaga, DJ Cee Pee, Robert Plant and the Band Of Joy, New Pornographers, Ola Podrida, Maps & Atlases, Cults, and others

The big show this weekend almost didn't happen. A few weeks ago, the entire blogosphere stopped down to report that Phosphorescent's van, with all of their gear, had been stolen in Brooklyn. Things weren't looking good for the tour that was scheduled to start only a few days later, but luckily all the gear was recovered and they lived happily ever after.

Tonight, with the support of Shiny Around The Edges, DJ Cee Pee, and the Dallas Family Band, Phosphorescent will be performing at the Kessler.

Aside from that show, here's a reminder of a few other noteworthy concerts going on this weekend that we've already mentioned.

On Friday, Fate Lions will be performing at Dan's Silverleaf, and at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Robert Plant And The Band Of Joy will be playing some old-guy blues with the help of opener Bettye LaVette, and Tim Halperin and The Whiskey Prophets will be at the Aardvark in Fort Worth.

On Saturday, The New Pornographers, The Dodos, and Imaad Wasif will be at The Loft, RTB2 and STEW will be performing a concert that bids farewell to the Alamo Plaza Hotel and benefits the North Texas Fallen Police and Firefighters and hometown boy David Wingo will bring his band Ola Podrida to Hailey's Club, along with Golden Bear, and Leatherbag.

And on Sunday, Maps & Atlases will be joined by blog darlings Cults, Globes, and Seastroke (check out our latest edition of Aural Ambush featuring Maps & Atlases).

More of this weekend's shows after the jump.

The Backsliders, RTB2, Leatherbag
Friday, July 23, at Double-Wide

Looks like RTB2 will be pulling double Dallas duty this weekend. After playing at the Double-Wide, they should just get a room at the Belmont Hotel to make sure they make it in time for the show at the Alamo Plaza Hotel.

Brave Combo
Friday, July 23, at Poor David's Pub

Practice the Chicken Dance at home for this one. Brave Combo always puts on a fun show, and Poor David's Pub is the perfect place to see them.

Lady Gaga
Friday, July 23, at American Airlines Center

There's enough of these people in Dallas that Lady Gaga booked two shows in a row. Seems like everyone's Lady Gaga pants are going crazy after last night, so night two should be huge.

Bass Drum Of Death, Bad Sports, Slang Chickens
Saturday, July 24, at The Nightmare

This should be a badass show from garage acts Bass Drum Of Death and Denton's Bad Sports at the newly renovated The Nightmare. We went by The Nightmare during the Dallas Observer Music Awards Showcase, and it's turned into a pretty impressive venue.

Yells At Eels
Saturday, July 24, at The Kessler Theatre

Avant-jazz family Dennis, Aaron, and Stefan Gonzalez make up Yells At Eels. They've been playing together for more than a decade, and it shows. They are so used to playing with each other that they don't operate with conventional rhythms--it's more of a pulse. It's pretty interesting to watch.

Jonathan Tyler And The Northern Lights
Sunday, July 25, at Lola's

Jonathan Tyler And The Northern Lights seem like everyone's favorite band to hate, but somehow they manage to sell out every place they play in the area. This show should be a lot of fun, but get there early because Lola's fills up quick.

Forever The Sickest Kids, Shwayze, Senses Fail, and others
Sunday, July 25, at Palladium Ballroom

"Summerfest" is the name of the mall-punk monstrosity that will be taking place at the Palladium Ballroom on Sunday night. And guess what? No school the next day!

Enjoy your weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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