Good Friday: Slider Pines, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Hey Hollywood, Rodney Parker, Bob Schneider, Everybody Else

Hey, it's weekend time, friends.

And it looks like we've already told you about a couple of shows going on this weekend. Like tonight's Rhett Miller and Sarah Jaffe gig at House of Blues and Gilda Radner benefit at Opening Bell; Saturday's Silver Jews show at Hailey's, Theater Fire CD release show at Good Records, Amos Lee performance at the Granada, Louis XIV's kinda-free show downtown, Holy Diver ass-tastic LBG date; and Sunday's Erin McKeown and Stephen Kellogg & The Sixers show at House of Blues.

But wait! There's more!

Slider Pines, Sweet Lee Morrow, The Heelers Friday, September 19, at the Double Wide

You may remember about two weeks back when we showed you how to download the new Slider Pines disc for free (it's pretty awesome, by the way). And tonight at the Double Wide, the band is playing a pseudo-release party for the effort--where they'll again be dishing out their disc for free, but this time as hard copies. (Maybe someone is heeding our advice?) Also special about this evening: The Slider Pines, for the first time ever, will be on display as a quartet, rather than a trio, as it has been since its inception. Austin's Sweet Lee Morrow, whose Myspace page seems to indicate that the guy can't settle on a genre, and Denton's down-home The Heelers open. Really a pretty solid bill--and made even more so by the fact that this Friday night looks fairly tame otherwise.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Telegraph Canyon, Little Birds Saturday, September 20, at The Double Wide

I'm not gonna ramble on (HA! GET IT?!?!?!) too much about WFR or Telegraph Canyon here, as I've said many flattering things about these acts in the past...well, other than to say that WFR puts on one of the best live shows in the region, and Telegraph Canyon makes for an interesting, understated companion on this line-up. McKinney's Little Birds, whose folk rock seems wholly unoffensive but pleasant enough, opens up a show that progressively gets rowdier in sound as the night rolls on.

Hey Hollywood, The Captive, The Nova Glow, The J Walkers Saturday, September 20, at The Door

Hey Hollywood's plenty fine considering the scene it plays to, but unfortunately I can't say too much about this night as two of the three supporting acts don't seem to have Myspace pages or other ways for me to listen to their songs. Oh well. Anyway, the real reason I even bothered writing up this show is simply to mention that this evening is being sponsored by that Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist movie, and if you go to this show, I think you get a pass to a screening in exchange. So there's that.

Rodney Parker and 50 Peso Reward Saturday, September 20, at Andy's Bar in Denton Rodney Parker, to me, sounds exactly like what Jonathan Tyler would sound like, I think, if he lived in Denton and not Dallas. Not a knock on either artist; they both present impressively poppy takes on their respective genres (Parker's country, Tyler's blues-rock), and, as such, have some serious potential to break out of the scene.

Bob Schneider Saturday, September 20, at Rock House Films


Hanson, The Veronicas, Everybody Else Sunday, September 21,

No, not for Hanson, although I guess you have to respect the guys for still trying to gain some artistic integrity in the eyes of people who weren't girls and/or 10 years old when they blew up. Not even for the Veronicas, an Aussie duo that writes power pop tunes and once toured with the Jonas Brothers. Go to this show for Everybody Else, a highly underated group, as they pretty much write the best straight-up radio-friendly pop rock tunes you've heard in years. Trust me on that one.

Bobby Patterson with Shibboleth Sunday, September 21, at Bolsa in Oak Cliff

If you don't know why this show is badass, then, folks, you don't know Dallas music. This pairing only takes the stage a couple times a year. This show is actually next weekend. But at least you now have a heads up on it...

Actually, now that I think of it, that's a pretty slow weekend we're looking at. Next weekend's insane, though, so you might wanna save up some energy and spending cash. As always, though, feel free to add more shows in the comments section. --Pete Freedman

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