Good Friday: The O's, The Hope Trust, Reverend Horton Heat, The Sword, Jonathan Richman, Lynch Mob, The Boom Boom Box, Dax Riggs, Max Bemis, Plain White T's & More!

It's hard to put your finger on an actual date when The O's will officially celebrate the release of their new album, Between The Two. The hilarious duo, who we caught up with in this week's print edition, have already played a handful of release shows this week, but Club Dada is offering a great way to grab a copy of the record tonight. The Orbans, Binary Sunrise, and Scott Riegel open the show, while Ryan Thomas Becker busks outside.

And there are lots of other worthwhile shows going on this weekend. Here are a few we've already mentioned...

Tonight, The Hope Trust will celebrate the release of their new record, Light Can't Escape, with the help of Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, and Baruch The Scribe at Dan's Silverleaf, and The Reverend Horton Heat will perform at House Of Blues with The Von Ehrics.

On Saturday, Paul Slavens will put on his anything-goes show at Pastime Tavern, and Sarah Jaffe will be at the AT&T Performing Arts Center. Meanwhile, at the Granada Theater, The Sword will bring its Black Sabbath inspired metal with Garuda and Eagle Claw.

On Sunday, former Modern Lovers leader Jonathan Richman will be at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton, and Lynch Mob will be at Trees with its original line-up.

Check out more of this weekend's shows after the jump.

Fresh Millions
Friday, February 11, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios

Austin-based electronica band Fresh Millions will take their very danceable show to Rubber Gloves tonight as they finish up a regional tour. Their explosive beats, augmented by a live drummer, will turn the Rubber Gloves show room into a full tilt dance party -- if the members of Fresh Millions have their way.

Pale Horse, Tweed EQ, Mike Graff
Friday, February 11, at City Tavern

This triple-bill of blues-based, rock bands will work nicely together. Pale Horse's darker, grittier rock is a nice fit as the show's headliner, with its heavy riffs and aim-for-the-fences choruses. Tweed EQ's CCR-inspired blues will provide the perfect segue between the night's headlining act and opener Mike Graff's hard-rocking, guitar riffs.

The Rich Girls
Friday, February 11, at the Double Wide
New local Hall & Oates tribute band The Rich Girls will reprise their New Year's Eve Double Wide performance at the same venue tonight, and it should be noted that these players aren't complete slouches. Members of the Auxiliary Voice and Gallerycat make up the bulk of its lineup.

The Will Callers
Friday, February 11, at Lochrann's Irish Pub & Eatery

There's still a fresh wound left behind from half of The Will Callers dying in a tragic car accident back in October, but, as we've mentioned in the past, the remaining two original members are trudging onward. Not long after the band's tragedy, the remaining members went on to win the Shiner Rising Star Competition, which proves that the band still has a good thing going.

The Boom Boom Box, Orange Peel Sunshine, Les Americans
Saturday, February 12, at Double Wide

The Boom Boom Box is a bit of a Dallas supergroup, made up of members of Baboon, Pleasant Grove, Ghostcar, and Pinkston. But their debut turned out to be quite the hard-rocking affair, despite the fact that its members come from somewhat mellower musical backgrounds. The Double Wide is the perfect place to catch the group, whose live show is both sonically and visually stimulating.

Max Bemis, Dignan
Saturday, February 12, at The Loft

Max Bemis, lead singer of Say Anything, is shedding a bit of his band's emo songbook for a more indie-rock sound. There's still plenty of emo in there, though, as the now-living-in-Tyler Bemis (who is married to Eisley's Sherri Dupree-Bemis) brings his solo show on the road with a stop in Dallas. Supporting him tonight is McAllen's really good, up-and-coming indie rock act called Dignan, who, alone, make this show worth attending.

Dax Riggs, David Matsler
Saturday, February 12, at Lola's Saloon

Bluesy solo artist Dax Riggs falls closer to the psychedelic sound of The Black Angels than your average blues artist. There's still a hint of singer-songwriter material in there, though, underneath all the Velvet Underground-inspired tunes.

Cygnus, Blixaboy, R9, Convextion
Sunday, February 13, at Arcade Bar

Cygnus, one of the area's under-appreciated laptop artists, will bid Dallas farewell on Sunday night with a final set at Wanz Dover's Lost Generation series at Arcade Bar. Also on the bill is Blixaboy, Dover's electronic project. And, to further entice you, there will be no cover charge. And drinks, supposedly, will be cheap.

Plain White T's, Parachute, Miggs
Sunday, February 13, at House Of Blues

If you simply can't get enough of Plain White T's acoust-emo songs about girls named Delila, well, make your way to the House Of Blues on Sunday night.

... and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.

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