Good Friday: The Paper Chase, Bridges and Blinking Lights, Whiskey Folk Ramblers, Freewill Benefit

So many shows, so little time. It's weekends like this one that make the job of being a music editor such a pain--how do you choose where you'll be during a given night? Well, in my case this weekend, you try to run back and forth between venues, hoping to catch as many of the acts as you can. We won't mention them all here--apologies to Liars and, uh, Eddie Money--but we'll give some love to some of 'em for sure.

Dove Hunter, Doug Burr, Bridges and Blinking Lights 10 p.m., Friday, February 15, at the Double Wide

Listened to all three of these bands' latest discs over the course of this past week. Each is pretty phenomenal in its own right. Dove Hunter and Boug Burr seem a natural fit, what with each act's penchant for slower-paced fodder. Bridges and Blinking Lights is somewhat of the oddball here, it seems--slightly faster-paced and a bit more eclectic. Maybe I'm wrong. I'll find out tonight. Either way, should be a heckuva a show featuring three local acts with great reputations.

The Paper Chase, Micah P. Hinson, Shiny Around the Edges 9 p.m., Friday, February 15, at Sons of Hermann Hall

You should know The Paper Chase by now. The indie rockers with a reputed love-it-or-hate-it style are, for better or worse, a huge draw 'round these parts. Mostly, it seems, that stems from the fact that they don't play a whole lot of shows in town any longer. What was that they said in school about supply and demand? I never took economics. Get there early, this one's gonna be a packed show.

Whiskey Folk Ramblers, RTB2, Rodney Parker 9 p.m., Saturday, February 16, at The Cavern

Don't know much about any of these acts except for this: I've heard RTB2's name a crap ton recently and Noah Bailey's a big Whiskey Folk Rambler's advocate, claiming that they sound like a "Pogues-y Gogol Bordello." And that sounds like a must-see in my book, for sure.

Freewill Benefit Show with, uh, a TON of local hip-hop acts. 2 p.m., Saturday, February 16, at The Green Elephant

The local hip-hop community's been taking some serious hits lately and could use the support of its fellow music fans. This show, which costs just $5 for 7-plus hours of tune-age, is the perfect place to start. The money from the door's gonna go to help the family of William P. Hunnicutt, aka Freewill of the NevaDugDisco crew, who the community recently lost. Show up and show some love for the local hip-hop scene. I'm sure it'll go a long way.

...again, I'm still learning here, so this doesn't encompass everything. I'm sure. But, hey, let's learn together. Cue cheesy music. -- Pete Freedman

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