Good Friday: The Walkmen, Alejandro Escovedo, Trashcan Sinatras, The Virgin Wolves, Young The Giant, The Hope Trust, Nmperign, Sundress, Randy Travis, Remy Le Boeuf & More!

After kind of a dud last weekend, we've got a pretty solid list of shows to see this weekend. And topping the list for some of us here at DC9 headquarters is The Walkmen concert at The Granada Theater on Saturday night.

In this week's paper edition, we ran a piece about how the New York quintet made a classic American record right here in Dallas. And since said record Lisbon has been released, this will be their first show back in town.

If, for some reason, you haven't already purchased your tickets to this show, you're out of luck. It's sold out. But, never fear, we've got a good handful of other shows to go see, starting with the ones we've already mentioned this week.

Tonight, punk legend Alejandro Escovedo will be at House Of Blues, and brilliant Scottish act Trashcan Sinatras will play an acoustic set at The Loft with Salim Nourallah opening the show.

On Saturday, The Virgin Wolves, Luke Wade & No Civillians and Scot Mulvahill will be at Hailey's Club in Denton.

And, on Sunday, Young The Giant and Kitten will be at The Loft.

Check out more of this weekend's shows after the jump.

The Hope Trust, Here In Arms, Lo-Fi Chorus, Sloan Automatic
Friday, March 4, at Club Dada

The Hope Trust's new album Light Can't Escape has been available to the public for a few weeks now, but tonight, the Denton quintet will celebrate a proper Dallas CD release at Club Dada. The band's tight alt-country sound translates beautifully in both recording and live setting, thanks to all the hard work that frontman Kelly Upshaw put into the project. And in the newly reopened Club Dada, this show is certainly one of the best choices for Friday night.

Nmperign, Jason Lescalleet, Shawn David McMillen, Zanzibar Snails
Friday, March 4, at Oak Cliff Cultural Center

Tonight, in the Oak Cliff Cultural Center, located next to the historic Texas Theatre, there will be an experimental, improvisational jazz show featuring Boston duo Nmperign. The duo will be joined by electronic musician Jason Lescalleet for what will be an exciting, genre-crossing of music. Austin artist Shawn David McMillen and local experimental noise act Zanzibar Snails will open the show.

Sundress, Manned Missiles, Skeleton Coast
Friday, March 4, at Dan's Silverleaf

Seems like things are starting to shape up in the Sundress camp. They just announced a handful of pretty impressive tour dates, which include appearances at Houston's Summerfest, SXSW, and a one-off gig with chillwave artist Washed Out. Judging by what little we've heard of the band's new music, they seem to have gone through a bit of a transformation. The mellow, ethereal feel is still there, but with a new psychedelic, droning element added in, which should make for a nice show on the intimate stage at Dan's Silverleaf.

Dub Assembly
Saturday, March 5, at Trees

Trees has one of the only soundsystems in Dallas loud enough to handle Dub Assembly's bass. So if you want to make your entire body rumble on Saturday night, head over to Trees. Just remember to eat before you go.

Gray The New Black
Saturday, March 5, at Barley House

Dallas band Gray The New Black has decided they don't need a bass player, and in doing so, have changed their sound a bit. They describe it as "Wilco taking a ride in a Death Cab for Cutie through downtown Seattle circa 1994 on the way to Jimi Hendrix's grave." Judging by the stuff they've got online, there's a big emphasis on "1994." Anyhow, if you find yourself at Barley House on Saturday night, this is the band that will be playing.

Randy Travis
Saturday, March 5, at Billy Bob's Texas

We just learned that Randy Travis recently moved to North Texas, which might explain why he's beginning his tour at Billy Bob's Texas in Fort Worth. The reason for the tour? Travis seems to be in good spirits after 25 successful years in the music industry. So he's celebrating by opening his personal collection of clippings and photographs from his early days. And, of course, he's going on tour.

Record Hop, RTB2, Deep Snapper
Saturday, March 5, at Pastime Tavern

It's another Denton invasion at Pastime Tavern. These heavyweights, both in sound and critical acclaim, will take over Pastime on Saturday. Record Hop's raw energy will be enough to make this show worthwhile. Add in RTB2's two-piece creative blues rock, and you've got one of Saturday's best shows.

Remy Le Boeuf
Sunday, March 6, at Dan's Silverleaf

New York's jazz saxophonist Remy Le Boeuf recently earned his master's degree from the Manhattan School of Music, and now he's traveling through North America with with his quartet. But he's not just performing jazz standards. His influences range anywhere from Herbie Hancock to Radiohead, which should make for yet another interesting show at Dan's Silverleaf this weekend.

...and that's it from us. We hope you enjoy yourselves this weekend, and we'll see you back here on Monday.  

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