Good Friday: Vibrators, Modico

As far as music goes this weekend, there are more sure things than you'd find backstage at a Kid Rock show. Let's take a look at some of the best bets for the next few days:

The Vibrators w/The Heart Attacks, Dead City Shakers and Last of the Interceptors Club Dada (2720 Elm St.). 9 p.m., Friday, October 12. $10.

Hey, hey, my my, rock 'n' roll will never die -- even punk, at least when it comes to the Vibrators. The British group has been around since 1976, and through various incarnations and lineups have remained unsung -- so to speak -- heros of the early punk movement. Creators of one of the first punk singles ever, "We Vibrate," they opened for a number of legendary bands, including the Sex Pistols and Iggy Pop, and remain as raw, fast and loud as ever.

Modico w/ LoveLikeFire Secret Headquarters (210 E. Hickory St., Denton). 8:30 p.m., Friday, October 12. $5.

Let's get the cliche catchwords outta the way: Interpol, Radiohead, post-rock, soundscapes. It's true you can find elements of the above in Modico's music, but there's so much more going on: bashing drums, that reverb-y guitar sound that's so popular in Fort Worth and traditional rock components. Yet, with the latter, just when you think the song is heading down a traditional track, it jumps it, mixing a full, layered sound with minimalist interludes and moody musical manipulations. And, damn those Flaming Lips for making Norman, Okla., seem cool -- these Fort Worth denizens escaped Cowtown and moved there. We want them back.

Birth to Burial w/ Medicine Window, Douche Secret Headquarters. 8 p.m., Saturday, October 13. Donation requested.

They've usually been billed as punk, but B2B is more like extended punk. That is, they remain rooted in three-chord, fuzzed-out punk bash, but push themselves way beyond it, into the sort of wire-y extended jams that marked post-punk. Think a streamed-down Mission of Burma, maybe, or even a revved-up early R.E.M., or the rumbling runaway train of mid-to-late-'80s Austin fare. This is a special reunion show, so you've got one chance to catch 'em again.

100 Damned Guns w/ 500 Miles to Memphis The Double Wide. 9 p.m., Saturday, October 13.

If you ever need a reminder that C&W is doin' just fine, thank you very much, catch Fort Worth's 100 Damned Guns. This crew is dedicated to pure country in the spirit of Johnny, Hank and Willie -- no irony, no Nashville sheen. With backwood harmonies and two-step rhythms, 100DG does that thing that country music does better than any other genre -- reel off boot-scootin' homages celebrating overdue bills, shotgun shacks and heartbreak. -- Jonanna Widner


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