Good Records Recordings To Re-Issue Tripping Daisy Back Catalog and Unreleased Songs.

The folks at Good Records sure are having some fun with all the news breaking out of their camp over the past couple of days. But, rest assured, most of it is just that: Fun.

That cryptic tweet and Facebook post the store made today? The one about being "a part of history" if you stop by the store today? Just a hoax, really -- unless you count a commercial shoot taking place at the Taco Cabana store located across the way from the shop to be "history."

Still, the excitement is palpable: Today, the Good camp set up new twitter accounts for a whole bunch of their entities: Good Records Recordings (the label), The Polyphonic Spree, Tim Delaughter's new band Preteen Zenith and, in an interesting turn of events, event one for the long-defunct Tripping Daisy.

Turns out, there's a specific reason behind the last one, too.

We already knew that we could expect new releases this summer from Preteen Zenith, Polyphonic Spree and even some solo efforts from DeLaughter -- all in singles form, no doubt.

But, today, Good Records' Chris Penn confirms that releases from Tripping Daisy can be added to that lot. According to Penn, Good Records Recordings will be re-issuing that band's back catalog this summer. Perhaps more exciting than that news, though, is this: In addition to the re-issues, the label will be releasing previously unreleased Tripping Daisy songs in the next few months, too.

And, just like that, this summer's starting to look pretty awesome, huh?

Oh, and one last thing: Preteen Zenith has released a bio, detailing how the new band came to be. Check it out here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.