Gorilla Vs. Bear and Weekly Tape Deck Join New Pitchfork Offshoot, Altered Zones

Earlier today, Pitchfork announced that it would be launching a new site called Altered Zones on July 7, one that will aim to "focus on leftfield pop, experimental, and home-recorded sounds." And, seeing that Pitchfork's crowdsourcing this sucker out to the blogosphere, it makes perfect sense to hear that two local sites well familiar with those realms, Gorilla Vs. Bear (which, it should be noted, underwent a redesign today that not only makes the site look far sharper, but cuts its load time down by about half) and Weekly Tape Deck (which, earlier this year, launched Forest Family Records with GvB), will be among the 14 blogs contributing.

As for what they'll be contributing exactly? Well, says Pitchfork, "topical artist interviews, artist-curated mixes, and profiles on up-and-coming labels, with additional content and images sourced from art Tumblrs and artist blogs."

In short: They'll now have the chance to tout the songs and bands they like to an even bigger audience.

Sounds like a lot of work, though, for two blogs that're generally light on the word count and high on the free mp3s, yeah? Well... maybe not. We caught up with WTD founder Nate Smith to get a little more insight into the matter. Hear his thoughts on the new venture after the jump.

"We're gonna be contributing numerous things," he says. "But it'll definitely be more music- than writing-focused. There's, like, 15 blogs total, and we basically have a slot where we can talk about whatever we want once a week. It'll mostly just be quick items. And, for the most part, it's just us curating the music for that slot. It's basically just more exposure for the blog."

So no worries then.

Regardless, for Smith, it's a big move--especially considering how far his blog has come since its launch. It was less than a year ago now, in fact that the blog started to promote itself around town by booking shows to Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in Denton.

"It's really cool that people are noticing us," he says. "There's a lot of other cool blogs on there, too. I'm stoked about it. And I feel honored to even be included."

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