Gorillaz Release "The Snake in Dallas," A Song Recorded Here in October, On New Album

Yes, as promised, Damon Albarn's Gorillaz did indeed put out a new album on Christmas. only, turns out, it wasn't a free download as anticipated, but rather a free stream (the download option, apparently, is only available for the band's fan club members).

So, sure, a bit of a bummer on that front. But then there's this: Included on the recorded-completely-on-iPad release (called The Fall) is a song called "The Snake in Dallas," which, like so many of the songs on the new album, shouts out in the title where the song was recorded. And, as the liner notes for the album indicate, this track was recorded in Dallas on October 20 -- the same day, no surprise, that Albarn and his 4-plus person touring entourage stopped by to perform one of our favorite shows of the year, at the Verizon Theatre. Which, yes, is technically in Grand Prairie, and not in Dallas.

But, "The Snake in Grand Prairie"? Just seems to lack a certain bite, no? (See what I did there? Bite? Yeah? Awesome.)

Anyway, give the instrumental song, the ninth out of 14 tracks on the release, a stream after the jump.

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