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Governor Rick Perry Plays Swords With Forever The Sickest Kids?

I guess Rick Perry isn't just pro-gun; turns out he's also pro-sword. Or so we can glean from the above photo, which also indicates that he might be pro-mall-punk, too.

Yes, that's Jonathan Cook and Austin Bello of Dallas' Own Forever The Sickest Kids crossing swords with the Governor of Texas in this picture, which Cook just posted to his Facebook page. We have no idea how this happened or in what kind of world this kind of photo-op could take place -- we've got a couple lines out to the folks in FTSK's camp to find out -- but, nonetheless, it exists and we wanted to share it with you for just that reason.

Personally, I never thought I'd see our uber-macho governor cowering beneath two sword-wielding emo kids, but whatever.

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