Grand Prairie's Own Selena Gomez Is Officially The Biggest Music Star on The Web Right Now

...says Billboard, at least.

This week, the Disney starlet, from straight outta Grand Prairie, took over the No. 1 slot on the trade magazine's launched-in-December "Social 50" chart, which combines all sorts of web-centric information -- Twitter followers, Myspace listens, YouTube views, etc. -- into some sort of tangible thing that we don't quite understand, but that Billboard swears is legit in terms of Internet "currency."

No real surprise here: A few weeks back, we showed you how Gomez was dominating all things media, and, just last week, we shared with you the music video for the current single off of her new album.

This is kind of funny, though: By taking over the No. 1 slot on that chart, Gomez knocked her boo, Justin Bieber, out of the position. Drama!

Oh, and this is fairly interesting: She's only the fifth artist ever to earn the six-month-old chart's top honors, following Bieber, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and The Black Eyed Peas.

The real pressing issue here, though, is how Gomez is somehow holding off the venerable Nyan Cat, who, far as we can tell, isn't even charting on Billboard's web-centric list. Seriously, how can you really top a cat that has the body of a pop tart and flies through space while shitting rainbows? The video evidence that we will now submit after the just suggests that you cannot.

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