Grandmaster Flash

If you missed the most recent MTV Video Music Awards, consider yourself fortunate. Thanks to Sean Combs, My Chemical Romance and Mariah Carey, the show was a complete and utter bomb. Well, with one exception (or two, if you actually credit a surprise appearance by the crusty MC Hammer)--Grandmaster Flash ran the turntables for the show, which meant all the between-commercials tunes were mixed, chopped, sliced and warped by a hip-hop legend who still knows what he's doing after more than 20 years. The man who put his wax-scratching hands on some of the most influential and groundbreaking rap tracks of the '80s brings his crates and needles to Dallas to move and groove yet another crowd, and seriously, you haven't heard new school until you've heard it through Flash's old school.
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sam Machkovech