Guilty Pleasures of 2011: Every Single From Katy Perry's Teenage Dream

My wife really likes Katy Perry, and now, so do I.

Let me first qualify that statement. My wife has really good taste in music, but there's the occasional Katy Perry/Miley Cyrus hiccup in there. She listens to these songs that aren't supposed to be cool or any good, but in a matter of time they seep in and mercilessly overtake my brain.

I could sing Miley Cyrus' "The Climb" in its entirety for you right now. I cannot listen to Katy Perry's "Friday Night" without air-slapping the bass every time it gets to that part on the verses. When Katy Perry's music comes on the radio, I do not turn it off, I turn it up. The hooks are simply undeniable.

So, I made it to the end of the year with that secret, and I can keep it no longer. Thanks for being a shoulder to cry on.

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Daniel Hopkins
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