Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: The Ten Dudes With The Best Facial Hair In The Area Scene

Seems like these days, hirsute hipsters are everywhere.

At 35 Conferette, even, street vendors sold T-shirts sporting the phrase "Keep Denton Beard" beneath a photo that pretty much exactly resembles Good Records manager Chris Penn.

We posted a gallery of beards after that event, but why stop there? The DFW music scene has so much more facial hair love to offer.

So, after much perusal, we've picked a few of our favorites amongst the sea of scraggly scenester facial foliage. Points were given for distinctiveness -- if you rock the Grizzly Adams look, you better make it your own or you risk being just another bearded indie dude.

Click on the jump for a list of the best facial hair in the Dallas music scene:

Count Lyle (Ghoultown): Lyle began sporting his Carmine Appice 'stache and soul patch combo long before mustaches became trendy. And we've got to hand it to the guy: With his combination of the Sharpie-precise 'stache, cowboy hat and, uh, skulls, he's certainly got a look going.

Aaron Gonzalez (Akkolyte, Yells At Eels): There's a reason why we now refer to the curly, waxed handlebar as the "Gonzalestache." Noise rocker-cum-jazz impresario Gonzalez is always easily identifiable, even when covered in the body paint and the wild costumes he so often dons onstage.

Chris Penn (Deejay CeePee): There are a ton of guys running around right now with beards that look just like Good Records co-founder Penn's. But, rest assured, he had his first.

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