Holy Diver Fired for Being 'Too Awesome'

We've told you about Holy Diver before, but with its mini instruments and party band attitude, we thought the group might be more of a whimsical fun band instead of actual rock 'n' roll rebels.

According to a posting the band members put out, they were "fired from a gig last night because we're so awesome."

Here is their take:

Last night we "played" a gig at the Belmont Hotel. The guy who booked us had seen us at The Amsterdam outside a few weeks ago, and mentioned we might want to turn down a little when we play at the Belmont. When we were setting up the cocktail waitress told us there had never been a real band there, only acoustic duos and such. So we started out at a super conservative volume, and played a tune. They told us to turn down. We did, and played another tune or two. It was about 6:30 p.m. at this point, by the way. Still, they said we were "way too loud," so we turned down some more. We were about as loud as a mouse fart at this time, and getting pretty pissed. It's no fun to play Jimi Hendrix at pussy volumes. I really couldn't believe it when they told us we were still too loud. I mean we're a fucking rock band for shits sake, and we play miniature instruments with homemade quieter sticks for the drums. Still though, we were getting paid so we tried to turn down even more. Joe was especially livid, and ready to pack up and leave. We tried a few songs, and it just sounded stupid. So what do you do at this point? I was all about getting fired instead of quitting, because getting fired from a gig is rock and roll. So I started inching up our volumes all nonchalantly, and towards the end we actually had a tiny bit of a good time. In the big picture we were still very quiet, but it was loud enough for the hotel to tell us to play one more and quit. It was 8 p.m. - we were scheduled to play till 10. So we closed with Tom Sawyer, and cranked that shit up. And we still got paid. I laughed and laughed. Fucking idiot wet blankets don't understand anything about rock and roll.

I'm waiting on word from the Belmont folk to get their side of what sounds like a funny debacle. In the meantime, we now have to go tell Dan Dyer and Doug Burr to keep it down for their upcoming sets. -- Rich Lopez

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.