Hourly Radio Guitarist Quits

Hourly Radio Guitarist Quits

The Hourly Radio

is down one member as guitarist Ryan Short announced his departure. In a letter sent out via the band’s mailing list, Short stated he “… realized that as great as this was and as much I believed in where we could go from here, it was just not where I wanted to go. I could easily keep going and do all the great things that I'm sure this band will continue on to do, but I'd find myself far from where and who I hope to be someday.”

He gives a slight hint as to what the future holds for him as well. “I would do it all over again a million times over and had the time of my life... so, it's with no regrets that I’ll move onto the next phase of my life and will enter it as blissfully ignorant as I did the previous... for those wondering what that next phase entails all I can say is that it involves a family, a sailboat and farm in Wales.”

We here at DC-9 wish Short the best. Thanks for the memories and free downloads.

Here’s The Hourly Radio performing “Stealing Off” at the Granada Theater last month performing on a local pop-rock’s wet dream lineup with Black Tie Dynasty and Radiant. Yeah, I was there. -- Rich Lopez

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