How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Girl Talk

When I first heard Girl Talk live I was disappointed, and I never went back. And it wasn't that I didn't think he was doing any work on that stage. Gregg Gillis has an immensely impressive talent and skill set. It was just because I didn't dance.

Not really, really dance the way I imagined I would when I was listening to his albums in my car or at house parties. Or even at the occasional club, when a DJ was so lazy they would dare play a Girl Talk track. That show was one of the first times I was finding myself nearly surrounded by a crowd a generation or two younger than me, and I remember finding that disarming. That they all appeared to be future SMU alumni was also something I remember standing out. But mostly, I remember just wishing I had been at a club. Or, I suppose, to be in the group of people dancing on stage with Gregg. They seemed to very obviously be having have the most fun.

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