How Many Different Dallas Hip-Hop Songs Can You Hear in DJ Sober's "I'm So Dallas" Mix?

On Monday, as you no doubt recall, we recommended you check out and download (for free!) A.Dd+'s debut full-length, When Pigs Fly. And, well, we stand by that recommendation. The album's awesome.

But, on an album completely filled with gems, perhaps the most sparkling of them all is DJ Sober's contribution, a tribute to Dallas hip-hop over the years called "I'm So Dallas," in which he mashes up a whole slew of local classics into a short 105-second jaunt. It's like a history lesson, really. A nice trip down memory lane, to boot.

If you still haven't heard it, well, we've posted it after the jump so you can go and do just that. Give it a listen. Then see if you're up to this challenge: Can you name all the songs Sober included in the mix?

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